How to Sell A Metal Roof as if You Were Selling a Car

October 21, 2019 | Filed under: Metal Roofing

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As a professional roofing contractor, you can sell a metal roof to your customers as if you were selling them a great car.

Everyone has a roof, and nearly everyone has a car. Other than that, what the heck do those 2 things have in common?  

When it’s time for your customers to replace or buy a new one, it’s best to start by identifying the “ideal roof,” just as they would choose their “ideal car.” Let me explain that crazy comparison, and help you sell a metal roof.

 Most people have an idea of what their ideal new car would be. They may be able to even add a brand and model name to it. But before they get to that point, they will have already decided upon a few things.  Is it big or small? Does it go fast, carry a large load, or use very little fuel? Do they like the way it looks, the price, or it’s expected performance?

If you were a car salesman, your job would be to help that customer find the ideal vehicle for them. What would be the ideal vehicle?  Not necessarily their dream car, but their ideal car? Someone who lives on a dirt road may think a convertible their dream car, but dust and debris make it not ideal. For some, it is a Toyota Prius, while for others, it may be a Camaro, a Chevy truck, or a Hummer. All based on a set of prioritized criteria that each person decides.

Do you see where I’m going with this? People use criteria to choose their ideal vehicle, and I believe they should use criteria to choose their ideal roof, too. And you can help them with that.

Here’s a starting list of some of the criteria you can use to help find the ideal roof for your customers:

  • Energy-saving and can be energy-producing like an efficient Toyota Prius.
  • Beautiful and forever-stylish like a sleek, red Camaro.
  • Dependable performance that’s tested and proven like a trusty truck.
  • Value with right-pricing for the initial purchase and ongoing maintenance, but unlike a car, with a payback.
  • Safety for protection from wind, fire, and water.
  • Durable for a lifetime with lasting finishes.
  • Warranted for the life of ownership and beyond. Is there a car like that, yet?
  • Sustainable materials made in America materials manufactured from recycled, mostly post-consumer products and are entirely recyclable.

Choosing a roof is like choosing a car! If they would ideally drive a Prius, then you can help them choose to have one of the most efficient roofs available. If it’s a Chevy truck they want for it’s “most dependable longest lasting truck on the road” quality, then you would likely steer them to a tough roof that has outlasted others. These “criteria” determine the products we carry for our customers. 

We Help You Sell a Metal Roof of Lasting Quality

Our quality metal roofing systems continue to gain in popularity with their high ratings in each of the criteria I’ve listed, and then some.  At ARS, our goal is to provide products, services, and solutions to protect a homeowner’s most valuable asset. That’s an idea and an ideal that we want to offer in partnership with you.

To help your clients identify the ideal roof that will meet their criteria, stand out with beauty and durability, and not just one that “will for now,” let’s work together. 

 Remember, we provide products, not excuses.