Metal Supply Distribution for Contractors Who Care

July 1, 2017 | Filed under: metal supply,Value Added Services

no big box stores

Why partner with a metal supply distribution company instead of a Big Box?

Sure, you can access product at a Big Box Store. The stock might be deep enough, and the quality might be good enough. The style and color matching…well, you know. And the selection? The same products are available in every store.

So, where do you go when you need construction metal supply that meets the quality and aesthetic expectations of your customers? Where do you go when you care that the stock is deep enough, the color is going to be from the same finishing run, the “special order” is expected and managed well…by the supplier?

We hope you’ll come to ARS Metal Supply. We’re here to add value to quality, metal remodeling and new construction products that support the reputation and growth of your business:

  • Protection from the elements for all stock products
  • A single, secure, destination for delivery and pick up of stock and special orders
  • The building and equipment to handle loading and unloading without damage to materials
  • Project batching, consolidation and kitting for ease of pick up
  • Training, training and more training on product and best business practices for contractors
  • Technical expertise

ARS Metal Supply stocks and distributes specialty products including aluminum and steel roofing and aluminum patio cover components. We also provide top quality aluminum soffit and fascia along with vinyl siding. Whatever the product, we promise to provide the things that so often make or break it for companies like yours.

We carry a large inventory, can answer your technical and product questions, and will live up to our commitments by consistently doing what we say we are going to do. We also offer training and support to further your marketing and sales efforts.

What Happens When People Care

Here’s an interesting post by Seth Godin that can educate us all on what happens when people care about the quality of the work they do.

We want to be your valued partner in serving homeowners. Come visit us, or call, to learn more about our commitment to quality products, and quality service with integrity.