Armadura Metal Roofing

An Armadura™ roof is a resilient and enduring solution for any home. Just ask one of the thousands of satisfied customers how much they enjoy their metal roof. This product stands out from the competition thanks to superior materials and effective craftsmanship, but that’s not all:

Premium Materials: Armadura™ Metal Roofs are crafted from top-quality, high-strength steel and the best-in-class paint systems available for long-lasting performance and appearance.

Exceptional Value: Armadura™ offers outstanding value, delivering durability, quality, and longevity that surpasses industry standards and your expectations.

Superior Craftsmanship: From product design and engineering to manufacturing, Armadura™ is a permanent roofing solution.

Transferable Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with this product’s 50-year transferable warranty.
Every Armadura™ roof is

  • Formed from fully-interlocking panels with concealed fasteners
  • Available in four colors to suit your home and style
  • Backed by a non-prorated 50-year warranty
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Coated with premium Sherwin-Williams® coatings
  • Easy to install with a complete system of matching trims

To see Armadura™ on your home, visit or call 1-800-543-8938 to take the next step on your roofing journey.